Don’t Suffer from Cold and Frigid Showers, Get Your Water Heater Repaired

Is your water heater leaking or not working? There is nothing more depressing than waking up one day on a freezing grey morning to a cold shower due the water heater that doesn’t work correctly or worse, it completely died! A competent plumber will totally understand, and that’s why they offer fast and reliable water heater repair in Oklahoma City. Excel Mechanical is a reliable company in Oklahoma that provides all the repair services you are looking for!

What Could Have Caused the Malfunction?

  1. The heating element itself is broken.
  2. Other leaks.
  3. Damage of valves and pipes.
  4. Unusual sounds causing irregular pressure or performance.
  5. Problems with pilot lights on gas units.
  6. A broken thermostat etc.

Are Water Heater Repairs Difficult?

Water heaters are pretty simple in the way they operate, so repairing or replacing different parts of the heater is relatively inexpensive and easy. The only exception is when you have a leak from the storage tank. In this case, repairing it isn’t a good option, because this problem may require a full replacement of your heater. Understanding what happened with your water heater is important to determine the approximate cost of repairs. Keep in mind, that the size of the water heater also affects the cost, since it becomes more difficult to access, empty, and maneuver large appliances.

Important Signs that Your Water Heater Will Need to Be Repaired Soon:

  • It’s too old. The easy way to check the age of it is to look for the serial number on the manufacturer’s sticker.
  • It makes unusual noises and rumbles.
  • You notice rusty water coming from beneath it or around it.
  • You notice any water around the heater.

Why It’s Important to Hire a Professional

Hiring a pro ensures you that gas, electrical, and plumbing lines will be properly handled. Remember, that installing a water heater or repairing it by yourself is a dangerous idea and it’s better to hire a professional plumber who will do everything correctly and up to the current local plumbing codes. It’s easy to find a good company for water heater repair in Oklahoma City that will send an expert plumber to your house. Don’t risk your health! Call the experts today to make necessary repairs to your water heater so you can bathe, cook, and clean with warm and hot water.


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