Heating and Air Conditioning Installation In Edmond or Oklahoma City Area


Are you looking to get a new heating and air conditioning installation in Edmond or Oklahoma City Metro area?  There are several tips that we like to offer before choosing the company to have your heating and cooling installation done by.

First thing is to find a reputable company that has good reviews and can provide testimonials from previous customers that have used their company’s service in the past.

Second thing is to get some pictures of their previous heating and air conditioning installation jobs that they have done in the past year or two.  There are some major differences from company to company when it comes to having a heating and cooling installation job done on your home or business.  As you are probably well aware of a service is not exactly a commodity and just because a heating and air conditioning service company says that they are licensed and insured does not qualify them to do the best heating and air conditioning service in Edmond or Oklahoma City Metro.  I hate to be blunt but this is a very common misconception about service companies whether it be local plumbers, pest service companies, or heating and air conditioning service companies.  There are standards and guidelines to follow and just to be frank not every service company out there is as strict to adhere to such installation standards so it is very good idea to not go with the cheapest company out there because we have found that these type of companies typically do not have the highest standards when it comes to installing and furnace, heater, or air conditioner.  Not to say that they are not very nice people but that is not what is in question here.  You are wanting to get the highest quality of installation service that you can afford and that is the subject of this article.

Thirdly, a lot of companies will tell you that one brand is better than another and while there may be some differences between each brand they typically tend to use many of the same brand of parts such as compressor motors, fan motors, and just about every other part on the heater or air conditioner.   We have found that the brand of equipment is not the most important part of the equation but rather the installation company that installs the furnace or air conditioner.  As stated above there are guidelines and specifications that every manufacturer has when it comes to installing the heating and cooling equipment and these are the most important differences between a good and bad heating and cooing installation job.  This is what typically makes a system last longer and provide the maximum amount of heating and/or cooing that your home or business needs to heat and/or cool it.

Lastly be sure to get a copy of the contractors active license and the insurance policy document that covers the work done under the company that the contractor is associated with.  There are a lot of people out there that claim to be licensed and insured that are not truly licensed or insured.  We at Excel Comfort Services, for example, are insured up to $2 Million and while we have never had to use this insurance policy to file a claim on we do have it as a safety measure for your protection.  It’s always better to be on the up and up when it comes to your family and home or business being protected so be sure and ask to see their credentials just to be on the safe side of things.

Lastly we would like to throw out our advertisement that while we do like taking the time to offer you as much free advice as we can about how to pick the right heating and air conditioning service company to do the repairs or installation on your residential or commercial property we also love doing the work that you may be needing.  With that being said if you are in need of a heating system of cooling system installation in the Edmond, OK or Oklahoma City Metro area, such as Yukon, Midwest City, Moore, or Norman, we would be happy to come out and give you a free quote on having our specialists come out to your home or business and show you some options that we have for getting a very nice heating and/or cooling system installed today.  While we do not claim to be the cheapest we always do our best to go above and beyond the minimum guidelines and specifications for installing any heating or cooling system whether it be a gas furnace, electric heater/air handler, air-to-air heat pump, geothermal heat pump, or air conditioner we have many options for you to provide you with the most comfort, safety, and peace of mind that you want from your system.

Give us a call today and we can go into more details once we are able to sit down face to face with you and discuss the fine options that Excel Comfort Services Plumbing Heating and Air has for you.  Don’t worry because there is never ANY obligation to purchase anything from us when we come out to your place and give you a full system quote nor will we take up hours of your time.  Typically the process takes around an hour and sometimes less.

So give us a call today at 405-595-0162 to have one of our Project Managers scheduled today to give you a free quote.

About Joshua Walker:
CEO & President of Excel Comfort Services, A Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Service Company Attended Covington-Douglas High School & Autry Technology Center for HVAC & Refrigeration Training Lives in Edmond, OK, United States