Tips To Help Prevent Your Air Conditioner From Breaking Down This Summer In Edmond, Oklahoma City Metro


Everyone knows that it can get REALLY hot in the Edmond, Oklahoma City area and no one wants to have to deal with the misery of not having a nice cool home to come home to when it reaches those peak temperatures that the Edmond, Oklahoma City area gets. That’s why Excel Comfort Services wants to offer you a couple of tips to help prevent your air conditioner from breaking down this summer.

DISCLAIMER: before going any further; be sure to follow ALL safety procedures before doing any work on your heating and air conditioning system. Shut off all power, gas, etc that could be hazardous. Excel Comfort Services nor anyone associated with Excel Comfort Services are liable for any damages for any person’s injury caused by any persons operating on their heating and air conditioning system. Call your local, licensed Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor if you are not trained properly to work with on HVAC systems or you just do not feel comfortable with working on your heating & cooling system.

Tip # 1

Clean your condensing unit’s coil. But be sure to first make sure the power is off to the unit. You can do this by using the electrical disconnect box that, by code, should be installed or you can use the breaker for the heat pump or condensing unit at the breaker box. The condensing unit is located on the outside and typically has the compressor for the refrigerant and a fan to help cool the refrigerant and thus, condense the refrigerant.

You can typically clean the coil by using a water hose and a pressure nozzle to attach to the water hose and use the pressure nozzle to wash out the coil. You can typically do a pretty good if not exceptional job by spraying the water at a high enough pressure to get all of the dirt and debris off of the coil but not so much water pressure that it bends the coils. Use your pressure nozzle and spray into the coil at the best angle to push the dirt and debris off of the coil. If your coil is extremely dirty it may need to be professionally cleaned. If so, call your local HVAC Contractor.

Tip # 2

Be sure to change air filters regularly.

Dirt and various other elements are constantly floating throughout your home. These elements get caught into the air filter when your heating and air conditioning system comes on and recirculates the air in your home. As your air filter continues to catch the large enough particles in your home’s air it begins to restrict the airflow. If not changed regularly the airflow can become so restricted that it the fan cannot blow enough air to heat or cool your home. It can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your system by regularly changing the air filters of the heating and cooling system.

There are many other elements of your air conditioning system the manufacturer of all heating and air conditioning equipment state need to be done to properly maintain the system. These typically require a licensed and thoroughly trained technician to do due to various hazards that could potentially cause produce fatality if not correctly done. The manufacturer of all heating and air conditioning equipment state that the systems are to be serviced once per season for both the heating and the air conditioning systems. That is twice per year that they state needs to be done to allow your heating and air conditioning system to be able to maximally allow your heating and air conditioning system to operate. Reports show over $32/month savings on cooling bills! That typically pays for the services needed for all heating and air conditioning systems to operate properly and most effectively.

Excel Comofort Services offers 2 options for our clients to maintain and save them money on utilities and repairs.

First we offer our Energy Savings Club Program. Members of the Energy Savings Club Program receive:

  • Free service calls (Up to 3/yr included totaling $357 Value)
  •  + 2 Precision Tune-Up visits per year; one Heating System Precision Tune-Up        and one Cooling System Precision Tune-Up ($298 Value)
  •  Maximizes energy efficiency (Reports from major utility company showed on average over $32/month savings during cooling period)
  •  + It extends the life of your heating and air conditioning equipment (PRICELESS!!)
  •  + Peace of mind that your HVAC system will keep you comfortable all year       (PRICELESS!!)
  •  You receive priority service status over non-members (VERY CONVENIENT FOR BUSY FOLKS)
  •  + Up to 3 pleated filters per system ($45 Value)
  •  Up to 1 lb of refrigerant per system ($75 Value) [R-22 not included]*
  •  15% discount on repairs ($10 to hundreds; *Includes plumbing repairs!!!)
  •  + 6 months guarantee your system will not break down or we will return the            money paid for the service towards the cost of the repair

Plus many more benefits not listed above for only $197 for the first heating and cooling system and only $159 for each additional system.  Don’t wait till it’s too late and your forking out thousands of dollars for a new systems. Become a member of Excel’s Energy Savings Club+ Program today and start saving!

Our second service we offer for our clients is a Seasonal Precision Tune-Up that offers everything that the Energy Savings Club does except it is a single visit for either the heating system or the cooling system being serviced. It also does not include the 3 free service calls per year, priority service status, or the 15% discount off of repair and it is $119 for either and Heating or Air Conditioning System Precision Tune-Up.

If you would like to become an exclusive memeber of Excel Comfort Services’ Energy Savings Club+ Program call one of our customer service reps at 405-595-0162 or you can email us at

We do provide air conditioner repair services for all of Edmond, Oklahoma City, and the metro in the event that your air conditioner does break down this summer and needs repairs done. So feel free to call us in the event that your ac does need repairs and we’ll come running asap to help out.

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