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Gas Fireplace Repair Service Near Edmond & North Oklahoma City

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Get Professional Results with Our Gas Fireplace Repair

It costs from around $250 on the low end all the way up to around $600 on average to have a maintenance service done on a gas fireplace. This service should include an inspection and a thorough cleaning, ensuring your fireplace functions properly and safely all winter long. Excel offers first rate fireplace maintenance services as well as annual maintenance plans for your convenience.

The speciality technician who services your gas fireplace should be highly trained and experienced in working with fireplaces. At Excel our technicians fit the bill, with years of experience and specialty training in fireplace repair, installation and maintenance. Contact us online now to get in touch with one of our expert fireplace technicians.

To perform a basic inspection of a gas fireplace yourself, you can:

  –  Check to make sure the gas logs are in the correct position.
  –  Test the igniter after turning the gas off with the shut-off valve.
  –  After lighting the fire, check for any clogged burner holes.
  –  Closely look at the glass doors for cracks.

Experts recommend having your fireplace professionally inspected and maintained every year. For more information on Excel’s fireplace maintenance services, or to schedule an appointment, contact us online today.

Check for a reputable, licensed plumber that specializes in doing gas keyhole valve repairs. Typically when they get old enough to start leaking they need to be replaced at that point. Repairing is rather difficult and can end up costing close to the same amount as replacing a gas fireplace keyhole valve. Safety is of the utmost importance when it come to working on combustible gases. Excel Comfort Services specializes in both gas fireplace repairs as well as gas leak repairs. Please reach out to us so we can help you get your gas leak fixed on your fireplace if it is leaking at Contact Us.

Check for a reputable company that has been in business for several years and has trained professionals that understand and know how to work on electric gas fireplaces. There is a difference between a wood burning gas fireplace and one that operates electronically so make sure you call the right company. If the company says anything about chimney then you know they primarily work on the wood burning fireplace chimneys and dampers for the chimney. We at Excel specialize in working on the electric gas fireplaces as well as doing all types of gas leak repairs such as keyhole valve repairs and replacement or any other type of gas leak on your gas fireplace.

True Service From The Experts

Find Out More About Our Annual Fireplace Maintenance Plan - Amazing Safety & Comfort Club.

Fireplace Maintenance Plan

Do You Need Maintenance on Your Gas Fireplace?

The easy answer is “yes” and the “why” is fireplace safety.

Fireplace Maintenance Plans

Diamond Level Gold Level Silver Level
New Fireplace System Installation Credit* $250.00 $150.00 $100.00
Priority Service Status
20% Discount on Repairs PLUS 3 Yr, Extended Warranty **
No Overtime Charge
Annual Safety Inspection ($249 Value)
No Service Charge ($179 @ 3/yr = Up to $537 Savings)
Performance Enhancement Service ($349)
Lifetime Electrical Control Switch Warranty
Complete Enhancement Restoration Service ($479 Value)
Free Repairs **** On most common repairs: Level 1 Ignition & Safety System, Level 1 Control Wiring & Thermocouple
✔ Best Value
✔ Most Popular
✔ Most Economical

Level 1 Control Wiring, & Thermocouple. Diamond $50/yr up to $250 Credit – Gold $30/yr up to $150 Credit – Silver $20/yr up to $100 Credit *Warranty Valid While Membership is Current w/ No Lapses – Not Valid on Bandaid Option

All of our natural gas and propane fireplace repair technicians have the training and skill necessary to accurately diagnose and repair your gas fireplace in the Edmond, Oklahoma City, Yukon, and the rest of the surrounding OKC Metro area.


We also provide air conditioner and heater repair and installation services along with preventative planned maintenance program membership, Energy Savings Club+ Membership Program, provides the attention and TLC to keep your heater and air conditioner operating efficiently and properly all year around in the Edmond, Oklahoma City, Yukon, Moore, Midwest City, Norman, and surrounding areas.  We also have those one time yearly furnace or heater tune up, AC tune up, tank or tankless water heater tune up services that we offer our clients.

Just so you know before you go, we also have high quality, expert plumbers that are very friendly and waiting to solve all of your home or business plumbing needs in Edmond & OKC metro area so give us a call today for your one shop stop plumbing, heating, air conditioning, air duct cleaning, and attic insulation blowing service company.

We offer plenty of additional information about our services, payment options, and customer testimonials and reviews on our website.